Our Vision

“Vedanta” is synonymous with Upanishads, which means sitting At the feet of gurus, to gain the knowledge of 'Self'. This society is established with the mission of enlightening the youth by dissipating the knowledge contained in Ved, Upnishads, and behavioral attributes, that our society should learn from the life of great persons of this land such as Raghunandan Shri Ram, Devaki Nandan Krishna, Gautam Buddha, Guru Dattatreya, Guru Gorakhnath, Rishabh dev, Mahaveer Jain, Guru Nanak Dev, and Guru Govind Singh Ji and many more.

Our culture is the oldest surviving civilization. It is based on 'Dharm' that is a virtue a human should behold. These virtues are ten in number – Patience, Forgiveness, Self-control, Non-Stealing, Cleanliness, and Control over senses, Benevolent Intellect, Spiritual Knowledge, Benevolent Truthfulness, and Calmness.

'Dharm' is different from the religion' and there is no similar word in English. Religion is defined as BELIEF IN GOD and activities that are connected with this belief. For Most of the religion, this belief is contained in a single book, Whatever is in the book is truth and rest is untruthful. However, Dharm is base on virtues that we should behold. In Vedic philosophy -Should we behold these virtues or not is again open to question by every Bhartiya, and what is a right path or right way of living for an individual can be determined by him through the pursuit of Gyana Yog, Karma Yog, Bhakti Yog or Raj Yog. Vedic/Upnishad system promote an open environment where an individual can adapt his way of life by practice on any of these path based on his own temperament. Swami Vivekanand ji Said "To fly a bird needs two wings, and a Tail, similarly for spiritual growth an individual need combination of Gyaan, Bhakti, Karm Yog. The Supreme goal is to understand why we take birth and how we can get rid of the life and death cycle, at the same time performing all duties of professional or personal life.

Unfortunately, because of various reasons over a period of time different culture prevailed over Vedic wisdom, and for the last 300 years, Western thoughts affected the subconscious mind of the young generation. Many of these thought promoting superiorities of western culture over Indian culture were deliberately implanted by the east India company and thereafter by Colonial power to prolong their rule for economic exploitation by making Bhartiya to think at conscious and Subconscious level that they are morally, culturally, intellectually and physically inferior to the colonial ruler.

We are what we read, hear and see. Because information collected through our senses (vision, touch, auditory) are stored in cells of the brain; and our thought, preferences, decision are guided by information stored in these brain cells. Whether we like or not but we are slaves of the information store in our cortical cell. As a result generation of Indians who have been educated by the Macaulay system of education are subconsciously influenced by the notion of the superiority of western culture over Bhartiya culture because they have been taught very little about Vedic wisdom in the education system. As a result present generation is influenced by soft power of the western world which was psychological warfare of Colonial power at that time or by historian influences by "pseudo-secular thoughts".

Our aim is to disseminate knowledge and wisdom contained in Ved and Upanishad in the society, particularly in young ones, in order to create a Vedic Bharat which is based on virtues of "Dharam" .

We would like to propagate the virtues and wisdom contain in Vedant, and not to bring the new teachings. We would like to teach our young ones and children about the great Rishis of our land such as Guru Gorakhnath, Shri Dattatrayya, Shri Adiguru Shankracharya, Swami Vivekananda, Saint Guru Nanak dev, Guru Gobind sahib, Saint Kabir, Saint Raidas and Saint Tukaram, and many more