Contest Rules

Rules for Speech Presentations

1. Time- Total Span of 5-7 minutes.
2. Content - Content should be in valid factual information about the life or the events related to Shree ram . Facts should be deduced from the archaeological surveys, Ancient books, scriptures, Books, Geographical evidences’ folk tales, astronomical evidences’ etc.
3. Language: The presenter can use Hindi /English or both .
4. The Participants should record the Audio/Video of his/her lecture and upload on the registration form on link provided.
5. The size of the uploaded documents should not exceed the 500MB Size and should be uploaded in High dimension in MP4 format.
6. Presentation should not contain any offensive content towards any cast creed race and religions.
7. The presenter should have to self declare, the copy rights of Audio visual transfer to the “Society for vedantic consciousness” society by declaring that the presenter has given the right to the society to use the Audio visual for the public interest.

Suggested Readings/ references:

The Historic Ram: Indian Civilization at the end of Pleistocene- NileshNilkanth Oak
12209 BCE Ram-RavanaYuddha- NileshNilkanth Oak
Ramyana in Lanka- D K Hari and HeeemaHari
Historical Ram- D K Hari and HeeemaHari
Dating the era of Lord Ram-Pushkar Bhatnagar
Ayodhya –War and Peace: D K Hari and Hema Hari
• Vedic Journals/Articles etc

Note: The winner will be invited to deliver his/her lecture in front of the distinguished dignitaries and live audience at LT 5, Academic Block, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow.

Evaluation criteria for Speech Presentations:

Sl. No Parameters Maximum Points
1 Validity of facts 15
2 Coherence of the thoughts 10
3 Practical implementation of the content with the present scenario 10
4 Lecture pertinence to the topic 10
5 Fluency 05
Total Points 50